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This web site is brought to you as a public service by Pearson Software Consulting, LLC and Chip Pearson.  PSC provides complete Excel, Office, and Visual Basic solutions for your business.  From simple workbooks to complete applications, we can make the power of Excel and Office work for your business. You have Excel. Learn how to turn Excel into a powerful application platform. Contact Chip Pearson at (913) 432-5676 for more information.

Note: Formulas appearing on this site will work in any version of Excel. The VBA code will work in Excel97 and later, unless specified otherwise. While little of the code has been tested in Excel 2007, you shouldn't have any problems using the code and formulas in Excel 2007. Code that works only in 2007 will be indicated as such.

There are presently 191 pages on the site, with 155 downloadable zip files.

Site News, 28-May-2007: Over the next few months, I will be converting the web site from plain HTML to ASP.NET 2.0.  I will leave the original HTML site up and running, so you should still have access to all the pages. However, as pages are created to ASP.NET, you'll see a new look and feel, and there might be some broken links. Please be patient as the transition to ASP.NET 2.0 takes place. Also, I will be switching hosting providers, so there may be a short period during which the web site will be unaccessible, as the DNS servers get updated with the new location. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope the transition will be painless for both you and me.



What's New On The Web Site
The list below shows only the ten most recent updates to the site, out of over 170 pages. For a complete chronological list of updates to the site, see the What's New page. For a more or less complete list of pages on the site, see the Page Index. To find information about a specific topic, see the Topic Index, or Search the site here.
(Updated 1-July-2007)

Multiple Monitors (1-July-2007)
This page describes how to use multiple monitors in Excel.

SaveCopyAndZip (16-May-2007)
This COM add-in lets you save a zipped copy of any open workbook, with option password protection and file encryption.

Additional Functions On Colors Page
Three new functions, AverageByColor, MinByColor, and MaxByColor have been added to the Colors page.

ListBox Utilities  (11-March-2007)
This page contains about a dozen VBA procedures designed to make the MSForms ListBox easier to use. The module includes procedures for moving sets of list items up or down in the list box and a sorting functions.

Recursive Programming And The FileSystemObject (10-March-2007)
Recursive programming, in which a procedure calls itself, it a powerful programming technique. This page describes recursive programming using the FileSystemObject to create a directory tree listing.

Updated Code For Directory Tree Listing Add-In (5-March-2007)
New options have been added to the Directory Tree listing add-in. Additional, a help file is available.

Suppressing Events On A User Form (27-Feb-2007)
The Application.EnableEvents property does not apply to events of controls on a UserForm. This pages describes simple code you can use to implement your EnableEvents property of a form.

Delete Blank Rows (23-Feb-2007)
The DeleteBlankRows procedure has been completely rewritten to preserve cell references and avoid #REF errors.

Testing Whether A Series Of Numbers Is In The Correct Order (16-Feb-2007)
The formula described in this section of the page determines whether a series of numbers in a column increases or decreases by a specified interval. The formula returns 0 if all the values are separated by the prescribed value, or a positive number indicating the number of values out of order.

Insert Procedure Names Automatically To VBA Code (15-Feb-2007)
This page contains a function called InsertProcedureNameIntoProcedures and supporting function that allow you to automatically insert the name of each procedure into that procedure with a CONST declaration.

ShowAnyForm (13-Feb-2007)
This pages describes how to show a UserForm that is to be determined at runtime. It utilizes the often forgotten about VBA.UserForms object and CallByName to access a form and its controls using string variables whose values are set a run time.

Calling Functions In A COM Add-In or Automation Add-In From VBA
You can call the functions in a COM Add-In or Automation Add-In Public Class from other VBA code, in addition to calling them from worksheet cells. This pages describes how to call the functions from other VBA procedures.

Building A Listing Of Subfolders And Files (9-Feb-2007)
This page describes and has downloadable files for creating a listing of all the subfolders and files (and their subfolders and files) of any folder.


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