ThreeWave Adding The COM Add-Ins Menu Item

This page describes how to add the COM Add-Ins menu item to the Excel Tools menu.

If you are using COM Add-Ins (CAIs), either ones you wrote yourself (described here) or ones written by others, you will want to put the COM Add-Ins menu item on your Tools menu. The default command bar settings in Excel do not include the CAI dialog, so you need to add it yourself. This pages describes how to add the menu item.

Customize Dialog Adding The COM Add-Ins Menu Item In Excel 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003

Go to the View menu, choose Toolbars, and at the end of the list choose Customize. This will display the Customize dialog shown at the left. Select the Commands tab and then choose the Tools item in the Categories list. Scroll down in the Commands list to COM Add Ins.... With the Customize dialog still open, drag the COM Add-Ins item to the Tools menu. The logical place is to put it just below the existing Add-Ins... item.  Now, close the Customize dialog. Now, you can click the Com Add-ins... menu item to display the dialog, shown below. From this dialog, you can load, unload, add, or delete COM Add-ins.

 COM AddIns Dialog

Note that the COM Addins dialog will display only CAIs listed in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER region of the System Registry. It will not display CAIs that are listed in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE region of the System Registry. This is done to prevent a single users from modifying the environment that affects all users of machine.


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