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Absolute And Relative Cell References
Activating Excel From Other Applications
ActiveCell, Highlighting
Add-Ins, Automation, Creating
Add-Ins, COM, Creating With VB6
Add-Ins, Creating
Add-Ins, VBA Add-Ins For The VBA Editor
Add-Ins, Installing And Loading
Add-Ins And Utilities, Third Party
Age, Calculating
ALT, SHIFT, and CTRL Testing State Of Key
Analysis Tool Pack (ATP), Installing
Analysis Tool Pack, Calling Function From VBA
AnyXML, Allowing optional and arbitrary XML content with an XSD Schema
API Functions, Getting Error Information
Application Events
Application Shutdown, Detecting And Taking Action
Application-Level Names
Arguments, Passing ByVal And ByRef
Array Formulas, Described
Array, Converting To Columns
Array, Testing If Allocated
Array, Testing If Sorted
Arrays, Determining Data Type Of
Arrays, Number Of Dimensions
Arrays, Passing To Procedures And Returning From Functions
Arrays, Passing Arrays Between Arrays And The Worksheet
Arrays, Randomizing (Shuffling) Order Of Elements
Arrays, Returning From User Defined Functions
Arrays, VBA Function Library (30 procedures)
Arrays, Reversing
Arrays, Sorting
Arrays Of Objects, Sorting
Arrays, Utility Procedures For
Attachments In Newsgroups, Why Not
Attributes, Descriptions To Display In Object Browser
Automatically Closing A Workbook After Idle Time
Automation Add-Ins And Function Libraries
Automation Add-In And Function Libraries With NET
Averages, Ignoring Zero Values
Averages, Weighted
Averaging Values In A Range
Averaging Highest Or Lowest Values


Banding, Color Banding With Conditional Formatting
Banding, Content Based Banding
Birthdays And Age
Bitness, 32-Bit And 64-Bit Excel
Blank Cells, Eliminating
Blank Rows, Deleting
Blinking Text
Bracket Pricing, Formulas For

Break In Class Module Error Trapping Setting
Breakpoints In Debugging
Browse For Folder
Built-In Document Properties
Button Image, Custom Pictures
ByRef and ByVal Parameter Passing


CALL Worksheet Function
Caption of a Window and the Hide Extensions setting
Case, Converting Text To Upper or Lower Case
Cell Contents, Displaying Hidden Characters
Cell, Last Cell In Row Or Column
Cell References, Absolute And Relative
CELL Function
Cell Values And Displayed Text
Cell, Last Cell In A Range
Cells, Referring To Cells In Another Range
CellView Add-In
Centering The Screen On A Range Of Cells
Character Tests For Strings
Characters, Counting In A String
Characters, Finding In A String
Characters, Special characters in Excel
Child Windows with UserForms
Circular References, Example
Class Modules
Class Instances, Self-referencing
Class Names, Window Class Name Of Office Applications
Classes, Default Member Of
Clipboard, Windows
Cloning A Folder
Close, Detecting And Taking Action When Excel Closes
Closing A Workbook Automatically After Idle Time
Code Modules
Code And Formula Usage, Legal Considerations
CodeName property
CodeName, Using To Prevent Run Time Errors
Code Modules
Code, Where to put it and how to use it.
Collections And Dictionaries, Procedures for, Sorting
Colors, Counting And Summing
Cells Based On Font or Interior Color

Colors, RGB Values
Color Picker, Displaying A Color Picker To The User
Colors, Sorting By
Color Banding With Conditional Formatting
Column To Table Conversion
Column To Matrix Formulas
Column To Table Conversion, Variable Block Size
Column Or Row From Table Conversion
COM Add-Ins, Getting The DLL Name Of
COM Add-Ins, Creating With VB6
COM Add-Ins, Adding Menu Item For Dialog
COM Add-Ins, Installer
COM Add-Ins And Automation Add-Ins, Installing
COM Add-Ins In Excel 2007
Comments, Sending Comments About The Site To The WebMaster
Concatenating Strings, a better method than CONCATENATE
Conditional Formatting
Command Bar Images, Custom Pictures
Conditional Formatting,Using Cells On Other Sheets
Conditional Formatting, Determining If Active
Connected And Disconnected Object Variables
Converting A Column To A Table
Converting A Table To A Column Or Row
CTRL, SHIFT and ALT, Testing State Of Key
Copyright And Trademark Usage of contents of this site
Counting Cells Based On Font Or Interior Color
Counting Cells With A Specific Content Type
Counting Values Between Two Numbers
COUNTIF with multiple criteria
Counting Characters In A String
Counting Words In A Cell Or On A Worksheet
CSV Files, Importing Files With More Than 64K Records
Custom Document Properties, Reading And Writing In Open And Closed Files


Data Validation, Using Cells On Other Sheets
Date Functions, Common And Useful
Date Intervals, Formulas For
Dates, Adding And Subtracting
Dates, Differences Between
Dates, Distributing Across Months Or Years
Dates, Excel Serial Format
Date, File Date And Times, Returning and Setting
Dates, Finding With VBA .Find Method
Dates, Quick Entry
Dates, Two Digit Years
Day Of Week, Returning Nth, Day Of Week In A Month (VBA)
Day Of Week, Returning
Daylight Savings Time
Daylight Savings TIme Full Version
Daylight Savings Time And Time Zones
Day Of Week In A Month
Days Between Dates, A Better NETWORKDAYS
Days In Month, First And Last Days In Month
DATEDIF Function
Days Of The Week Functions, Formulas and VBA
Debugging VBA Code
Declaring Variables In VBA
Declaring Using Option Explicit
Default Member Of A Class
Defined Names In Excel
Defined Name Shortcut Keystroke
Degrees, Minutes, And Seconds
Deleting Blank Rows
Deleting Duplicate Rows
Deleting Duplicate Rows With Advanced Filter
Deleting Contents Of A Folder
Deleting A File Or Folder
Deleting VBA Code
Delimited Text, Extracting Elements
Desktop, Getting Folder Name Of
Diagonal Elements Of A Range, Summing
Dictionaries And Collections, Procedures for, Sorting
Directories, User Specific
Directories, Creating A Tree List
Directories, Creating Subdirectories
DirTree Add-in
Directory Listing, Quick And Easy
Distributation And Usage Of Code And Formulas
Distinct Elements In A Range
Distinct Items In Lists
Distinct Items In Lists
Distinct Values VBA Functions, Returns Array Of Distinct Values
DLL, Error Codes From Windows DLLs
DLL Name Of A COM AddIn
Document Properties, Reading And Modifying With VBA
Download Files From The Internet
Duplicate Items In Lists
Document Properties, Reading Modifying In Both Open And Closed Files
Duplicating A Folder
Duplicate Entries, Highlighting
Duplicate Entries, Preventing
Duplicate Entries, Replacing
Dynamic Ranges


Easter, Calculation Of Date
Element Common To Two Lists
Email, Sending With VBA
Emptying A Folder
Enum Data Type
Ensuring Macros Are Enabled, Technique 1
Ensuring Macris Are Enabled, Technique 2
End User License Agreement (EULA)
Err.LastDllError property
Errors, Diagnosing Startup Errors
Error Handling
Errors, Returning From User Defined Functions
Error Text From Windows API Functions
Error Trapping, Break In Class Module setting
Events In VBA, Responding To And Creating Events
Events, Application
Events, Suppressing In UserForms
Every Nth Row, Getting Data From A Column
Exporting Data To Text Files
Exporting VBA Code To Text Files
Exporting data to a fixed field width text file.
Extension, File extensions and the Hide Extensions setting


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Formal
Feedback, Sending Feedback To The WebMaster
Feet And Inches
Feet And Inches, Arithmetic With
File Attachments In Newsgroups, Why Not
File Descriptions and ProgIDs from a file name.
File, Testing If A File Is Open
File extensions and the Hide Extensions setting
File Times, Retrieving and Setting
File Names, Returning By Formula
File Name, Returning Most Or Leaset Recently Modified In A Folder
File Names, shortening with PathCompactPathEx
File Names In Window Captions
Files, Waiting For Open Files To Be Closed
FileSystemObject, Creating A Directory Tree
Filling A Series Of Data And Inserting Cells
Finding Cells In VBA, Including WildCard Matching
FindAll Function to search a range
FindAll XLA Add-In
Finding Values On Multiple Worksheets
FindWindowEx, Captions, and the Hide Extensions setting
First And Last Names, Extracting From A String
First And Last Elements In A List Range
Fixed field length text files, exporting to
Fixed Length Strings
Fixed Length Strings, Testing For
Flexible Lookups, An Alternative To VLOOKUP
Flickering, Screen Flickering When Code To The VBE
Flipping Or Reversing A Range With VBA
Floating Point Numbers
Focus, Keeping Focus On The Worsheet
Folder, Browse For
Folder, Deleting Contents
Folder, Creating An Exact Copy
Folders, Creating Subfolders
Folders, Creating A Tree List Of Subfolders And Files
Folders And Files In A TreeView Control
Folders, Returning User Specific Folders
Folder Tree Listing, Quick And Easy
Footers And Headers
Footers And Headers (VBA code to customize)
FormatMessage, Getting API Error Messages
Forms, Positioning To Cells
Forms, Moving With Windows
Forms, Showing A UserForm Determined At Run-time
Formula Bar, Shortcut To
Fractional Arithmetic
Fractional Months, Calculating
Functions, User Defined, Determine Whence It Was Called
Function Libraries As Automation Add Ins
Function Libraries Written In NET
Functions, As Opposed To Macros
Functions, Writing Your Own Function In VBA
Functions, Using Worksheet Functions In VBA


Games For Excel
GetInfo UDF
Getting Help From Newsgrops
GetLastError Windows API Function
GetSystemErrorMessageText Function
Global Variables, Application-wide Global Variables
Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs)
GMT And Local Times, And Windows Time Formats
Great Circle Distances


Headers And Footers
Headers And Footers (VBA code to customize)
Hidden And Visible Cells, Functions For
Hidden Name Space
Hide Extensions setting and VBA in Excel
High And Low Values, Persistent
Highlighting ActiveCell
HLOOKUP - A Better Way
Holidays, Calculation Of Dates


Icon, Changing Application Icon
IF Functions, Nested
Implementing Interfaces In Class Modules
Importing Text Files
Importing Text Files With More Than 64K Records
Inches And Feet, Arithmetic With
INDIRECT Worksheet Function
Inserting Cells And Filling A Series Of Data
Interfaces, Declaring And Implement In Class Modules
Internet, Downloading a file from.
Intervals, Dates
IsFileOpen, Testing If A File Is Open
ISO Week Numbers and Excel


Julian Dates


Keyboard Shortcuts
Key State, Testing For SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT


Last non-empty cell in a range (VBA)
Last Cell In Row Or Column (Formulas)
Last And First Elements In A List Range
Last And First Names, Extracting From A String
Last Modified File, Finding In A Folder
Last Update Time Of Cell Or Range
Latitude And Longitude
Leap Year, Determining
Least Or Most Common Entry In A List
Legal Information About This Site And Its Contents
Linked List Boxes
Listboxes, Linked
ListBox, Support Procedures For A ListBox control
Lists, Counting Distinct Entries
Lists, First And Last Elements
Lists, Extracting Unique Entries
Lists, Entries Common To Two Lists
Lists, Entries On One List And Not On Another
Lists, Highlighting Duplicate Entries
Lists, Merging Without Duplicates
Distinct Lists, Getting Distinct Elements
Lists, Testing For Duplicate Entries
Lists, Reversing and Transposing
Lists, Minimum And Maximum Values
Lookups, Left Lookup (alternative to VLOOKUP)
Lookups, Formula To Look Up Data In A Table
Lookups, Flexible. Alternative To VLOOKUP
Lower Case, Converting Text To Lower Case


Macro-Sheet Function, Calling From Worksheet Cell
Macros, Adding or Deleting With VBA Code
Macros, As Opposed To Functions
Macros, Ensuring Macros Are Enabled, Technique 1 (Sheet Visibility)
Macros, Ensuring Macros Are Enabled, Technique 2 (Calculations With Errors)
Macros, Running From Worksheet Cell
Matrix To Vector Formulas
Maximum Values, Persistent
Me Reference, Self-referencing an instance of a class
Menu Items, Creating Manually
Menu Items, Creating With VBA Code
Menu Items, Creating For The VBA Editor
Merging Lists Without Duplicates
Minimum And Maximum Values
Minimum And Maximum Values, Persistent
Missing References In A VBA Project
MOD worksheet function and VBA Mod operator problems with very large numbers.
Modified File, Returning The Most Or Least Recently Modified File In A Folder
Modules, Adding And Deleting With Code
Modules, Adding descriptions for the Object Browser
Months, Calculating Fractional Months
Most Or Least Common Entry In A List
Moving A Form With The Window
Multiple Directories, Creating
Multiple Monitors
My Documents Folder, Finding For The Current User


Named Ranges
Named Range Box, Increase The Size Of
Named Range Box, Shortcut Keystroke
Nested Function, Exceeding Limit
NET Function Libraries
Newsgroups, Connecting To
Newsgroups, Excel Related
Newsgroups, Hints For New Posters
Newsgroups, Problems Posting To
Next And Previous Worksheets
Non-blank Cells, Returning From Range
Non-duplicate Random Numbers
Non-zero Averages


Objects, Declaring
Objects, Sorting Arrays Of Objects
Objects, Connected And Disconnected
OnTime Method In VBA
On Error handling
Optimizing VBA Code
Optional Parameters To A Function
Optional And Arbitrary XML defined in an XSD Schema
Option Explicit
Order, Reversing Cell
Ordinal Numbers In Excel
Overtime Hours In Timesheets


ParamArray parameters to a VB Function
Parameters, Passing ByRef And ByVal
Parameters, Optional Parameters To A Function
Passing Parameters ByRef And ByVal
Parent Windows, With Userforms
Passing And Returning Arrays From Procedures
Passwords, Forgotten
PathCompactPathEx API Function
Pause Code For User Input
Pause Code Execution
Phone Numbers, Parsing
Pictures On Command Bar Items, Custom
Pivot Tables, An Introduction
Positioning UserForms To Cells
Preventing Duplicate Entry
Previous And Next Worksheets
Printing Cell Comments To Word
Printing Multiple Worksheets
Pricing, Progressive And Bracket
Prime Numbers And Prime Twins, Testing A Number
Printers, Getting A List Of Installed Printers Printing Cell Formulas To Word
Procedure Attributes For The Object Browser
Procedure Name, Automatically Inserting Into Procedure with CONST declarations
Procedures, Scope And Visibility
Progress Bar, Displaying while running code
Proper Case, Converting Text To Proper Case
Properties, Document: Using With VBA
Protection of workbooks, workshets, and VBA


Quarter, Determining From Date
QSort, Sorting Arrays Of Variables
QSort, Sorting Arrays Of Objects
QSortObjectCompare Example Function


Random Numbers In Excel And VBA
Randomize The Order Of Elements In An Array
Ranges, Converting To Column
Ranges, Referring To Cells In Another Range
Ranking Data In List (and associated topics)
Recursive Code, Example Of
Recursive Programming Techniques
Recursive Code, Illustrated With The File System Object
Recycle Bin
Recycling A File Or Folder
Recycling The Contents Of A Folder
References, Setting To VB Projects
References, Missing References In A VBA Project
Registry, Functions For Working With The Registry
RegistryWorx DLL Registry Component
Relative worksheet addressing
Renaming Worksheets, Avoiding VBA Problems
Returning Every Nth Value In A Range
Relative And Absolute Cell References
Returning Arrays From User-Defined Functions
Reversing A Range Of Cells
Reversing An Array
Rounding Errors And Precision
Rounding Times
Row To Matrix Formulas
RowLiner Cell Highlighting Add In
Rows, Deleting Blank
Rows, Deleting Duplicate
Row, Returning a table into a single row
RSS Feed, Get What's New Information via an RSS Feed


Save Copy And Zip - XLA Add-In
Save Copy And Zip - COM Add-In
Scheduling Procedures With OnTime
Scope Of Variables And Procedures
Screen Flicker When Programming To The VBA Editor
Scrolling To Center A Range
Scrolling, Detecting With VBA
Self-Referencing an instance of a class using "Me"
Selecting Current Array
Selecting Current Named Range
Selection, Saving And Returning To Sequence
Selection, Removing Active Cell Or Active Area
Series, Inserting Cells And Filling A Series
Series, Finding A Series Of Cells That Sums To A Number
Series, Testing Whether Values Are In Correct Series Order
Series, Testing Missing And Present Black Of Numbers
SetFocus, Keeping Focus On The Worsheet
SetParent Function For UserForms
Shading Cells
Sheet Name, Returning
Sheet Names, Returning (VBA)
Sheet Names, Returning By Formula
Shell Command, ShellAndWait
SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT, Testing State Of Key
Shortcut Keys
ShortenTextToChars Function
Shortcut Keys
Shuffling Order Of Elements In An Array
Shutdown, Detecting And Acting When Excel Shuts Down
64-Bit And 32-Bit Excel
SizeString Function
Sorted, Testing If An Array Is Sorted
Sorting By Cell Color
Sorting Arrays
Sorting Arrays Of Objects
Sorting Collections And Dictionaries
Sorting Worksheets
Sounds, Playing Sounds From VBA
Special Characters In Cells, Displaying Hidden Characters
Special Folders, Returning Names Of
Split Function, A Better Way
SplitEx Function
Standard Time And Daylight Savings Time
Startup Errors In Excel
Status Bar, Working With In VBA
Strings, Most Or Least Common In A Range
Strings, Concatenating With Ranges And Arrays
Strings, Counting Characters In
Strings, Finding Characters Or Digits
Strings, Fixed Length
Strings, Testing For Fixed Length
Strings, Shortening With PathCompactPathEx
Strings, General Formulas
SubClassing The ActiveWindow
Subfolders and Subdirectories, Creating
SUMIF, Multiple Criteria
Summing Cells Based On Font Or Interior Color
Summing Every Nth Value
Support, Getting Support For Excel
Symbols, Using special symbols with Excel


Tables, Lookup Functions For Tables
Table, Converting To Row Or Column
Table, Creating A Table From A Column, Variable Block Size
Telephone Numbers, Parsing
Temporary Files And Folders
Text Files, Importing And Exporting
Text Files, Importing Files With More Than 64K Records
Text Vs Value, Formulas And VBA
Text File, Importing And Exporting
TextBox, Resricting to numeric-only input
Thanksgiving, Calculation Of Date
32-Bit And 64-Bit Excel
"This" reference is "Me" in VB/VBA
TimeBombing A Workbook
Timed Closing Of A Workbook
Timers, Scheduling Procedures
Times, Adding And Subtracting
Times, Daylight Savings And Standard
Times And Working Hours, Between Two Dates
Times, Quick Entry
Times, Rounding
Timesheets, Working With Regular And Overtime Hours
Time Zones
Time Zones And Daylight Savings Time
Timers In Excel
Tools For Excel (Free Add-ins)
Tracking Workbook Opens And Closes
TreeView Control, Using To Display Folders And Files
TrimToChar Function
TrimToNull Function
Transposing A Range With Formulas


Union Method, A Better Way
Unique Entries, Counting
Unique Identifiers (GUIDs)
Unique Ranks
Unique Random Numbers
Unique Values In A Range, VBA Function To Return Disinct Items
UnSelecting A Cell Or Area
Upper Case, Converting Text To Upper Case
Usage And Distribution Of Code And Formulas
User Defined Functions (UDFs) In VBA
User Defined Functions, Determine Whence It Was Called
User Defined Functions, Returning Arrays
User Defined Functions, Returning Errors
Userforms: Keeping focus on the worksheet.
Used Cells In A Range
User-Specific Folders
UserForm Events, Suppressing
UserForms, Modifying With Windows API Functions
UserForms, Parent And Child Windows
UserForms, Positioning To Cells
UserForms, Showing A UserFrom Determined At Run-time
UTC And Local Times, And Windows Time Formats
Utilities and Add-Ins, Third Party


Variables In VBA, Declaring
Variables, Scope And Visibility
Variables, Truly Global Variables In VBA
VBA Editor, Automating The VBA Editor and its objects
VBA Editor, Creating Menus For The VBA Editor
VBA Editor, Add-ins in VBA For The VBA Editor
VBA Project, Missing References In A VBA Project
Vectors And Matrices
Versions Of Excel
Version Of Excel, Installed on a machine
Visible And Hidden Cells, Functions For
Visual Basic For Applications (VBA), Optimizing
VLOOKUP - A Better Way
VBA Code, Adding/Deleting Modules


Wait For File To Be Closed
Wait For User Input In VBA
Watches in VBA Debugging
WAV files, playing from VBA
Week, First Monday Of
Week Numbers
Weekday, Counting Between Dates
Weekday, First And Last Of Month
Week Days, Formulas and VBA
Weekday, Nth Day Of Month
Weekdays, Creating Series Of
Weeks, Difference Between Dates
Weighed Averages
Where to put code and how to use it.
Wildcard Matching With Find
Window captions and the Hide Extensions setting
Window Captions, Putting The File Name In the Caption
Windows API Functions, Getting Error Information
Window Class Names Of Office Applications
Words, Counting In A Cell Or On A Worksheet
Words, Extracting From A String
Workbook And Worksheet Names, Returning By Formula
Workbook And Worksheet Names From Fomrulas Workbooks, Closing All
Workbooks, Creating list of names.
Workbooks, Saving All
Workbooks, Tracking Open And Close Operations
WORKDAY function, A better way
Worksheets, Creating list of names.
Worksheet And Workbook Names, Returning By Formula
Worksheet Functions, Using In VBA
Worksheets, Printing Mulitple Sheets
Worksheets, Referencing From Formulas
Worksheets, Sorting


XLA Add-Ins, Creating
XLA Add-Ins, Installing And Loading
XML, Optional And Arbitrary XML defined in an XSD Schema
X-Ray (Excel Game download)


Year, First Monday Of
Years, Entering Two Digit Years


Zip files available for downloads
Zero Values, Ignoring In Functions
Zip File, Saving A Workbook As A Zip File
Zip File, Save As, COM Add-In
Zooming On A Range Of Cells


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