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The files here are compressed into Zip files, which "shrinks" them down to roughly one third their original size.  They can be uncompressed with any standard "unzipping" program, such as WinZip or PKUnzip.  If you don't have an unzipping program, go to the PKWARE site to download a shareware copy of PKZIP:  (This is shareware, so do the right thing and register your copy!)   Zip files must be uncompressed before using them. Excel cannot open a compressed zip file.   The PKWARE web site has a nice introduction to the "theory" of zip files.

These files are combination Excel97 / Excel95 / Excel5 files.  Although this increases the file size (almost doubling it, in fact), it allows you to download and use these files regardless of your version of Excel (version 5 or later).  The file sizes listed are the sizes of the ZIP files.  The actual XLS files, when uncompressed, are approximately 3 or 4 times as large.  (E.g., DynaRange.ZIP is 6K, and DynaRange.XLS is 22K)  To save space on your hard drive, do a "Save As" to save the file in your Excel version, rather than a combination format file.  (E.g., DynaRange.XLS is 22K in combination Excel97/95/5 format, but is only 15K in Excel97 format.)

I am still adding downloadable files to my web site.  If you see something on my site and want a workbook example, please send me an email and I'll be glad to send you some example code.


 Activate ExcelThis download contains a bas module file with the code described on the Activate Excel page.  
 AlertThe best way to display diagnostic messages to users and developers. Overcomes the limitations of MsgBox, Debug.Print, and Application.Statusbar.  Recommended for intermediate and advanced developers.
 AltKeyListCreates a list of the ALT key menu accelerator keys (8 KB). 
AppEventIllustrates the use of Application level events. (10 KB)

Arr2ColConverts a NxM array to a single column or row.   (19 KB)

 ArraySupportThis file contains a bas module file containing all the code on the Functions For VBA Arrays Page. You can download a full workbook with these procedures and demonstration code here. 
 Automation AddIn Project FilesThis contains all the VB6 project files to create the Automation Add-In described on the Creating An Automation Add-In For Excel page. 
CalendarA Calendar workbook.  Allows you to have special days (birthdays, holidays, etc) automatically highlighted. (36 KB).  NOTE: This file requires that both the Analysis Tool Pack and the Analysis Tool Pack VBA add-in libraries be loaded.  Otherwise, you'll get run time errors. 

Case Convert

This add-in will allow you to perform a variety of text conversions (UPPER CASE, lower case, Title Case, Sentence case, etc) on a range of cells.  Install the Add-In, and then choose Text Convert from the Excel Tools menu.

 Cell View
This add-in allows you to see the characters and their codes in a cell. This makes it easy to find unprintable characters such as tabs that don't display but may affect formulas.
 ClockThis workbook shows how to create and manipulate Shape objects on a worksheet to create an analog clock that ticks every second. (17 KB).   


This page describes code that will make a copy of a folder, including all files and subfolder within the source folder. All files and subfolders of the source folder are copied to the destination folder, and the  subfolder hierarchy (subfolders within subfolder within subfolders) is preserved in the destination folder.
 Collections And Dictionarys Module and WorkbookThese downloads contain the code for the procedures described on the Collection And Dictionary Procedures page.

 COM Add-In Example

This contains all the VB6 project files for the COM Add-In for PowerPoint and Excel described on the Writing COM Add-Ins In VB6 page.

 COM Add-In InstallerThis workbook automates the installation of COM Add-Ins, writing all the appropriate registry keys and values to install a COM Add-In, described on the Writing COM Add-Ins In VB6 page.
Compare This Add-In utility allows you to compare the contents of two workbooks.  This was written by Myrna Larson and Bill Manville.  
 Daylight Savings TimeThis download is a bas module file containing the code on the Daylight Savings Time page. 
 Deleting Duplicates With FilterThis contains the bas code module containing the DeleteDuplicatesViaFilter function described on the Deleting Duplicates With Advanced Filter page. 
 DirTree.xls and DirTree.xlaThese files contain the code, in workbook or XLA Add-In format, to create a listing of subfolders and files of a specified folder, as described on the Create A Folder Or File Tree page. The DirTree.xla is distributed as a setup exe package. 
DistributedDates A file illustrating the formulas on the Distributed Dates page. (10KB)  NOTE: This file requires the Analysis Tool Pack  



This contains the example workbook for the  DLLOfComAddin function described on the DLLOfComAddin page. You can download only the bas module file here. The bas module is completely self-contained. It can be imported and used in a VBA project with no modification or additional code.
DynaRange Using defined names to refer to dynamic ranges.  (6 KB)

 Empty FolderThis download contains a VBA module with the code described on the Empty Folder page. 
EventSeqDemonstrates the sequence of all Excel97 events. (14 KB)


File Dates Module

These downloads contain the bas module and a complete workbook illustrataing the code on the Get/Set File Times page.


FirstLast       Extracting first and last names from full names.  (6 KB)


 Folder And File Tree Module and WorkbookThese files contain the code described on the Creating A Folder/File Tree List page.  
 FormPosition Excel typically displays forms in the center of the screen.  This is usually fine for data entry and dialog forms.  However, in many cases it is desirable to display a form in relation to a specific cell.  This is not a simple a task as it seems because the top and left coordinates of a UserForm based on the same coordinate system as the Top and Left coordinates of a cell.  To properly calculate the Top and Left coordinates of a UserForm, you have to take in to account the window state (normal or maximized) of the Excel application window, and the Workbook window, and their relative positions, in addition to whether the formula bar is visible, what command bars are displayed, and how they are positioned.   Needless to say, these calculation can get rather complicated.  Fortunately, I've done the work for you. (34KB)
 FormatMessageThis download contains the modFormatMessage code module that contains the code on the FormatMessage page. 
 GetInfoThe GetInfo function, written in VBA, allows you to retrieve nearly any property of any object in the Excel object model directly from a worksheet cell.  Using this one function, you can eliminate dozens of custom UDFs to get application and object properties.
 GetSetProps Module

GetSetProps Workbook
The GetSetProps Module download contains the modGetSetProps code module and the CPropType class module used in the procedures described on the Truly Global Varaibles In VBA page.

The GetSetProps Workbook download contains a fully function workbook with test and demonstration procedures for the function described on the Truly Global Variables In VBA page.
 GetSpecialFoldersThis is the code module that contains F_7_AB_1_UserProfileFolder and F_7_AB_1_GetSpecialFolder, that are used to retrieve the names of user-specific folders such as My Documents. 
 Greenwich Mean Time and Local Time Module and WorkbookThese download contain the code to convert between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and local times. The functions will also convert between the various Windows Time formats. 
 Hidden Name SpaceThis zip file contains a bas code module containing the functions described on the Hidden Name Space page.
HiLite       Highlights the background color of the current selection. (8 KB)
NOTE: The functionality of this workbook is replaced and enhanced by the RowLiner add-in.

 ImportBigFiles Sub
ImportBigFile Function
These are the Sub and Function versions of the ImportBigTextFiles procedure on the Importing Large Text Or CSV Files Into Excel page. 
Latitude       Latitude and Longitude data for  1200 US Cities.  (62 KB)

 Latitude, Longitude, and Great Circle DistancesThis workbook contains formulas for creating Great Circle Distances using latitudes and longitudes. 
Lists        Working with 2 lists with duplicate entries. (11K)

 MergeMapsThis isn't related to Excel, but might be useful to users of MapPoint 2002. These modules can be executed in any application that executes VBA. It will merge the routes from any number of MapPoint maps in to a single "master" map.  The VBA is fully documented, and self explanatory. Of course, this requires MapPoint 2002 (version 9).   These procedures are described in an article at .

The complete web source for MapPoint information can be found at .  If you use MapPoint, you need this site.

MinMax   Various Minimum and Maximum formulas. (6 KB)

Names       Returning File, Workbook, and Worksheet names to a cell. (6 KB)

NoBlanks       Eliminating blanks from a list of data. (7 KB)

Rank        A totally new Ranking workbook, which has all the formulas described on the Ranking Data In Lists page.  (16 KB)

 OpenSafeThis add-in allows you to safely open workbooks that contains VBA code (macros) without risk. It adds a item to your File menu called "Open Safe".  NOTE: The level of protection provided by this add-in is higher in Excel 2002 than Excel 2000.  NOTE: Opening workbooks that contain VBA macros always entails risk, so I do not guarantee that this add-in will eliminate all possible risks.  
Overtime A file illustrating the formulas on the Working With Overtime Hours page. ( 8 KB )

 PowerPoint Slide And Shape RenamerPowerPoint Slide And Shape Renamer
In PowerPoint, there is no way in the User Interface to assign names to Slides and Shapes. Both Slides and Shapes support a Name property, but PowerPoint provides no mechanism to assign these names. You must use code. The PowerPoint Renamer COM Add-In provides a method to assign names to Slides and Sheets. This download contains both the COM Add-In DLL file and the Help File, which describes installation and use.
 ProgressReporterA DLL file that allows you to display a simple progress indicator. Click here for more details. 
 QSortInPlaceThis download contains the bas module file with the functions described on the Sorting Array With QSort page. 

This download contains all the code on the Sorting Arrays Of Objects page and the example QSortObjectCompare function described on the QSortObjectCompare Example Function page. Download either the Code Modules or a fully functional workbook. 
ReaderReads cells back to you through your sound card.  Adds "Reader" to Tools menu.  You should make this into an Add-In. (272 KB, including sound files.)  All files must reside in same directory. Yes, that's my voice reading the numbers.

RegistryWorx DLL ComponentThis ActiveX DLL component, described on the RegistryWorx page, provides VBA-friendly functions for working with the System Registry.
 System Registry Module And WorkbookThese download include the code that is described on the Functions For Working With The System Registry page. 
 RowLinerThis add-in allow you to have Excel automatically display row and column view lines. See the RowLiner page for more details. 

COM Add-In
This add-in is a front end to both PKZip and WinZip. It allows you to save a copy of any open workbook as a zip file. It does not alter the existing workbook in any way.  See this page for more details. The COM Add-In version does not require either PKZip or WinZip, and also adds additional security protection with password protection and data encryption of the zip file.
 SetParentNormally, a userform floats above, and independently of, the Excel application window and the worksheet windows. This means that when you move the application window or a sheet window, the form does not move with the window; it stays in its original location on the screen. You can use a series of Windows system calls to set the form as a "child" window to the worksheet window. When you do this, the form will move along with the application window and the sheet window. See the SetParent page. 
 ShellAndWaitThis file contains the example workbook that illustrates the ShellAndWaitSimple and ShellAndWaitEnhanced functions described on the ShellAndWait page. You can also download just the modShellAndWaitSimple bas module or the modShellAndWaitEnhanced bas module. Each of these modules is self-contained. No additional code or changes are required.

Visual Basic 6 versions of ShellAndWait are also available:
Download the complete ShellAndWait VB6 Project.
Download just the modShellAndWaitSimpleVB6.bas file.
Download just the modShellAndWaitEnhancedVB6.bas file.
The VB6 modules are entirely self-contained. Either or both may be imported to a VB6 project with no changes or additional code.
 SubClassing The ActiveWindowThis workbook illustrates in summary fashion how to use subclassing. The actual subclassing of the desired window is done with  the SSubTmr6.dll available free from (VBA is just to slow to do the subclassing itself -- it can't cope with the flood of messages sent by Windows.)   The workbook illustrates how to use to SSubTmr6.dll to receive the messages that Windows sends to the ActiveWindow. The code looks for the WM_VBSCROLL (vertical scroll) message and raises events indicating when the user scrolls up or down, by either a line or page. This workbook also illustrates how to create your own custom events in a object module, how to raise those events with the RaiseEvent statement, and how to receive those events in another object module.

The code comments describe how to install and configure SSubTmr6.dll on your system.  Note that this DLL is required. The code won't work without it.

Subclassing is a broad and complicated topic, and this workbook does not attempt to explain the entire topic. It assumes you know what subclassing is, and that you are familiar with windows handles (HWnds) and the Windows API procedures that work with them.


StockWebIllustrates using Excel to download stock price information from the web. (22 KB)

SymbolizeThis workbook will display a form that allows you to view and insert special symbols such as currency symbols into your workbook.  It works much like the "Insert Symbol" tool in Microsoft Word. (21KB).  This works only in Excel97 and Excel2000.  It will not work with Excel95 or earlier versions.  

You can download a better version of this, written as a COM Add-In here. Note that COM Add-Ins are supported only by Excel 2000 or XP.  They will not work in earlier versions of Excel.

SumEvery       Summing Every Nth Value in a list. (6 KB)

 Temporary FilesThis file contains the VBA procedures on the Working With Temporary Files page. 
 Test Excel ShutdownThis download contains the VB6 project files, the DLL, and an example workbook for the methods described on the Testing Excel Shutdown page.
 TLIUtilsProvides VBA procedures for working with type libraries, via the TypeLib Information object. Documentation of the available procedures is available in the VBA code modules.
Unique       Counting Unique items in a list. (7 KB)

 VBA Shortcut KeysThis zip file (6 KB) contains a workbook which lists all of the keyboard shortcuts available in the VBA Editor. I think it is complete.  If you find that I've missed something, send me an email. For a list of keyboard shortcuts within Excel, download Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.
VBE Menus Adding menu items to the Visual Basic Editor (15 KB)

X-RayI wrote this game several months ago.  It is similar to a game called "Black Box" that I used to play in Junior High.  You try to find targets by shooting paths into a grid, and watching whether those paths hit the targets, exit out of the grid, or are reflected back to their original cell.  Complete details are in the workbook file. (100 KB)   This works only in Excel97 and Excel2000.  It will not work with Excel95 or earlier versions.


XLKeysThis workbook lists all of the shortcut key combinations in Excel (8KB).  Updated 23-April-2001.

XLCAIThis download has a sample COM Add-In written for Excel in Office 2000 Developer Edition.  It illustrates the basic programming for a COM Add-In, including how to write menu controls, how to handle modeless forms and how to make functions in the COM Add-In available to worksheet cells (via VBA code).  The actual download doesn't really do anything, so it will be of interested only to those who want to write COM Add-Ins.  You must have the Developer Edition of Office 2000 to view the code.  (35KB).  I appreciate the assistance of Stephen Bullen of Office Automation Ltd. for clarifying a few technical matters.

XLConstThis workbook lists all the symbolic constants in Excel and their numeric equivalents. The list can be built on the fly using the TypeLib Information DLL. Note that to run the code in this file, you must have the "Trust Access to Visual Basic project" set to True. Go to the Tools menu, choose Macros, then Security. On that dialog, choose the Trusted Sources tab, and check the "Trust access to Visual Basic project" option.

For  more information, see

Stephen Bullen's Office Automation  and John Walkenbach's The Spreadsheet Page have an extensive library of files available for free download.  I recommend you see their sites for more example workbooks.