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    Working With Feet And Inches In Excel     

         Excel doesn't provide any built in means to work with measurements in feet and inches. It treats a representation of feet and inches such as 5'10" as simply a text string, and as such, cannot do any arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction with it. To work with feet and inches, you need to convert the text string to a numeric value that Excel can use.

The formula below will convert the text string in cell A1 to a decimal value that Excel can use for arithmetic operations:


The input string to this function should not contain spaces or other characters. This formula can be used as an array formula to sum up a range of values:


For a VBA based solution, use the following function:

Function ConvertFeetInches(S As String) As Double
    Dim Pos As Integer
    Pos = InStr(1, S, "'")
    ConvertFeetInches = CDbl(Left(S, Pos - 1)) + _
        CDbl(Mid(S, Pos + 1, Len(S) - Pos - 1)) / 12
End Function

See also my page on Fractional Arithmetic.






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