ThreeWave Privacy Policy

This page describes the privacy policy at

I take the issue of privacy on the internet very seriously. This site does not use 'cookies' or any other type of tracking device. The only information that is collected by the statistics system is the country of origin of a user. No other information is collected.

If you submit comments or questions on the Feedback page, I will use the email address you supply in order to reply to your comments, but I don't keep a list of address of those who submit feedback.

If you subscribe to the Excel Newsletter, you can be assured that I will never make your email address available to any other party. Your email address will be used for the distribution of the newsletter and for no other purposes.  I have been running this web site for nearly 10 years, and have never violated any privacy concerns, and you can rest assured that I have no plans to start doing so.

This Page Last Updated: 18-July-2007