ThreeWave Office Application Window Class Names

This page lists the window class names of most Office applications.

This page lists the class name of the main application windows of most Office programs. Only versions 2003 and 2007 are included here.

Application Version Window Class Name
Access 2003 OMain
Access 2007 OMain
Excel 2003 XLMain
Excel 2007 XLMain
Expression Web 2007 FrontPageExplorerWindow40
Front Page 2003 FrontPageExplorerWindow40
InfoPath 2003 Framework::CFrame
InfoPath 2007 Framework::CFrame
PowerPoint 2003 PP11FrameClass
PowerPoint 2007 PP12FrameClass
Project 2003 JWinproj-WhimperMainClass
Project 2007 JWinproj-WhimperMainClass
Publisher 2003 MSWinPub
Publisher 2007 MSWinPub
SharePoint Designer 2007 FrontPageExplorerWindow40
Word 2003 OpusApp
Word 2007 NetUIHWND
Visio 2003 VISIOA
Visio 2007 VISIOA

This page last modified: 2-July-2007.