Multiple File Import And Export From VBA

  If you do a lot of VBA development, you may have accumulated quite a library of VBA code. I have about 100 separate module and class files, each containing a family of related functions. When I build a new Excel project or add-in, I import many of these modules to create the building block of upon which my project will be built. One thing that has always annoyed me about the VBA editor is that you can import only a single file at a time. The same holds true with exporting files -- you can export only one file at a time.

To work around this limitation, I have developed a COM add-in for the VBA6 editor (it won't work in VBA5 -- Office 97) that allows you to import or export as many modules as you want with a single operation.  The add-in adds two menu items to the exist File menu in the VBA editor: "Multi Module Import" and "Multi Module Export".


  You can download the DLL and the Installer workbook here. Or you can download the complete VB6 project, including the DLL and Installer workbook here.