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    Last Update Time 

NOTE: The CALL function was disabled one of the later Excel97 updates, and is not available in Excel2000 or 2002.  The reason for this was that is presented a severe security problem -- it allowed a worksheet cell to call any procedure from any DLL, regardless of the potentially destructive consequences of the that procedure. This page contains information that will most likely not work on your installation of Excel.

Using the Excel4 macro function library, you can easily create a formula the returns the date and time of the last update of a cell.   Suppose we have a value in A1, and want to put in B1 the time that A1 was last updated.  Simple enter the following formula in B1:


To get the last time that any cell in a range was updated, use


Note that is A1 contains a formula, the time will be updated whenever A1 or any of its precedents are changed.   This may cause confusion if the value of A1 does not change when one of its precedents does.   For example, suppose A1 contains the formula

=MAX(10, A2)

And B1 contains the first time formula described above.  If we change A2 from 5 to 6, A1 will not change, but the last-updated time will change.   This is because one of its precedents has changed, even though the resulting value remains the same.

For more information about the CALL function and the Excel4 function library, please see The CALL Function page, which appears on my web site compliments of Laurent Longre.