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This page describes my consulting and application development services.

Pearson Software Consulting provides consulting and project development services for Excel, Visual Basic, and VB.NET. We can create new applications leveraging the power of Excel and Visual Basic For Applications (VBA), Visual Basic (VB6) and VB.NET with the .NET Framework. Products we offer include customized workbooks, templates, XLA Add-Ins, COM Add-Ins, Automation Add-Ins, and complete applications based in Excel, Visual Basic, or VB.NET.  We develop COM Add-Ins and code-behind workbooks using the verison-neutral Add-In-Express For NET And Office 2014 Premium framework.

We work with individuals on small projects and with major corporations that need an entire application linking together multiple Office applications. We can link up your Excel files with PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, Access Databases, and MS Project Projects.

Development rates are $150 per hour or we can arrange a flat-rate fee for a project.

In addition to application development, we also offer ad-hoc consulting to provide answers and advice. Ad-hoc rates are $75 per half hour. Many clients like to purchase a block of time up front which allows the client to get answers fast without worrying about billing for each call.


Services we can provide include

  • Complete applications in Excel, Visual Basic For Applications, and Visual Basic
  • Custom Workbooks
  • Custom Templates
  • XLA, COM, and Automation Add-Ins, and NET Shared Add-Ins
  • NET Framework Class Libraries, Add-Ins, and Applications
  • Integration of Excel with other Office applications
  • Integration with SQL Server
  • XML Schema Design
  • Specialized VBA procedures and functions

I have all versions of Office from 2002 Professional through Office 2013 Pro Plus in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so I can provide a product fully compatible with any version of Excel. I also have SQL Server 2012 for database integration with Excel and NET applications.I can use any verison of the .NET Framework and any verison of Visual Studio from 2008 through 2013 Premium for NET-based development.

I have worked as a professional software designer and programmer for 25 years, since finishing college at the University of Kansas as a Mathematics major. I started at EDS and moved to Tandem Computers, working on the Tandem NonStop Kernel operating system, using the TAL programming language. At EDS, I was on the corporate-wide Programming Standards Committee for the TACL programming language. For the last 15 years, I have been working on the Microsoft Windows platform with Office and Visual Studio and the NET Framework. I work primarily in VB.NET and C#.

Over the last 15 years, I have assembled a module library containing approximately 100,000 lines of code. This library allows me to create applications from modules that have been thoroughly tested and used in commercial applications. This can significantly reduce development time.

When we develop an application or workbook for your company, you get everything associated with the project, including all source code files, XML data files, configuration files, and installation files. All intellectual property rights are yours. Once the project is complete, I relinquish any claim to any intellectual property rights and copyright protection. The application is completely yours. I do not password protect any component.

I have developed workbooks and applications for a extremely wide variety of industries, including finance, manufacturing, mining, engineering, and dozens more. I have worked extensively with nearly all of the Microsoft development platforms, including Office, Visual Studio and the NET Framework, XML, and ASP.NET. I can integrate various tools and platforms and data sources to provide an efficient and seamless application.

I can provide advice and consultation on project definition, planning, and execution. I can advise your company on the most appropriate development platform and data sources. I can provide advice on project specification, such as determining the appropriate development tools and environment.

I fully understand that project development often involves access to confidential or proprietary data and code. Your privacy and security are assured. I take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. I am more than happy to sign any Non-Disclosure Agreement you may require. I've signed hundreds of them over the years.

Payment may be made by Master Card and Visa or by PayPal. I also accept Western Union wire transfers.

Please contact Chip Pearson at (816) 214-6957.

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Chip Pearson has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in the Excel Product Group every year from 1998 though 2014.



This page last updated: 4-January-2014.