Code Distribution Guidelines

I take a rather liberal stand on the issue of code usage and distribution. You are free to use any code and formulas that appear on this web site in your own projects, including works for hire and in commercial products. You may modify the code and formulas in any manner you see fit to meet your needs. You do not need my approval or permission to use the code or formulas in a project.

You may not take code or formulas from this web site and present them as your own work in any form, electronic or tangible. If you do use code or formulas from this web site in printed or electronic form, you should provide attribution to the source. In source code, this attribution be similar to the following:

        ' The following code was written by 
        ' Chip Pearson and is available at 

Attribution in printed material should be similar to:

The following code was written by Chip Pearson and is available at

If the material is reproduced in an electronic format that supports hyperlinking, a link should be provided to the source web page, using HTML/XHTML similar to the following:

                This code was written by Chip Pearson and is available at 
                the page topic name.

What you cannot do is reproduce and/or distribute the narrative text that accompanies the code and formulas. There are exceptions to this restriction under the Fair Use Doctrine of the US Copyright Code (such as including a reasonable amount of the narrative in a review of the web site), but as a general rule, you cannot reproduce and/or distribute the narrative text that accompanies the code and formulas. This includes but is not limited to using the narrative text in user's manuals, educational or training material, and translation to another language. It does not matter whether the reproduced narrative is for internal use only and will not be distributed publically. Any reproduction of the narrative text must be approved by the author.

If you wish to reproduce and/or distribute the narrative material, please contact me via email at or by phone at (913) 549-4658. Please describe the exact text you wish to reproduce, the address of the page on which that narrative appears, the reason you wish to reproduce the code, the nature of the audience for the distributed narrative, and the approximate number of users who will receive this material. I have always agreed to such requests in the past, and in nearly all circumstances, I will grant permission for your reproduction/distribution request.

Many of the pages on this web site include zip files that contain workbooks, code modules, DLLs and other content. You may unzip the files and distribute the contents of those files in the same manner as you are allowed to distribute code and formulas taken directly from the site. Some functionality is provided via COM Add-Ins, Automation Add-Ins, and/or ActiveX DLLs. You are free to use these DLLs as you see fit, including distribution and use in commercial works. Again, attribution to the source would be appreciated, but is not mandatory.


Warranty And Liability

I have made every reasonable effort to ensure that the code and formulas do not contain errors, that they behave in the manner described in the narrative text, and that the code will raise errors or events prior to carrying out what might be considered to be destructive actions. However, it is the nature of programming that under uncommon and unforeseen conditions or set of conditions, the code may not work as desribed. You assume all risks regarding code use.

No contract exists between you, the user, and me, Charles H Pearson, the author, or Pearson Software Consulting, LLC, my Limited Liability Company. There is no warranty or guarantee that the code or formulas on this site are free from all defects, that they will perform as described in the accompanying narrative text, and/or that they are suitable for your needs. Use the code and formulas at your own risk. Until you are confident that the code and formulas work properly in your circumstances and you have included appropriate error trapping and handling, you should use the code only on test files, files that can be discarded if something does not work as expected.

By using the code, formulas, files, and information from the web site, and/or the DLL files, you agree to hold Charles H Pearson and Pearson Software Consulting, LLC completely free of any liability. This includes but is not limited to loss of data, file corruption, invalid registry entries, and any other effect of using the content of this site.

This page last updated: 10-April-2008