ThreeWave Legal, Copyright, And Disclaimers For The Web Site

This page contains information about copyright matters.

All of the narrative and textual content on this site, unless stated otherwise, is © Copyright 1997 - 2013 by Charles H. Pearson. All of the formulas and VBA code are explicitly granted to the Public Domain. You may use the formulas and VBA code on this site for any purpose you see fit without permission from me. This includes inclusion in commercial works and works for hire. By using the formula and code on this site, you agree to hold Charles H. Pearson and Pearson Software Consulting, LLC, free of any liability. The formulas and code are presented as is and the author makes no warranty, express or implied, of their fitness for use. You assume all responsibility for testing and ensuring that the code works properly in your environment.

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If you use any of the formula or code on this web site, I would appreciate that you put a reference to this site and/or the specific page in the code and/or in the related documentation.

Address any questions regarding code use to Chip Pearson, (816) 214-6957.