ThreeWave Connect To The RSS Feed From Outlook

This page describes how to connect to the site's RSS feed.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are a away that you can connect to a web site and get a list of what's new. This site's what's new RSS feed is an XML file named You can connect to this file via Outlook 2007 or later. When I update something on the web site, I add a link to it and a description to the RSS file. Outlook will automatically look in this file for new content.

In Outlook, go to the Account Settings dialog. How you get this page varies by version. The main Account Settings dialog is shown below.

Account Settings

Click on your email account and then go to the RSS Feeds tab. Click New to add the new feed. The New RSS Feed dialog is shown below. In the Location text box, enter and click Add.

New RSS Feed

Outlook will add a folder named RSS Feeds to the current folder list if such a folder does not already exist. From that folder, just click on file element for the RSS Feed.

Outlook RSS Feeds

LastUpdate This page last updated: 13-November-2012.